what we do



NST Pictures is a cinematic-style wedding videography company serving couples worldwide.

This type of filmmaking, also known as cinematography, preserves all of your wedding memories in an artistic, movie-like short film with HD footage, multiple camera angles, vows and/or speeches and added music.


There are three reasons we believe every couple should have a wedding film:

1. For your memory – 365 days of planning. 1 action-packed day to enjoy. See and hear it all again with film.

2. For past generations – Your loved ones won’t be around forever. Film is a great way to see them at their best and make their memory last longer than a lifetime.

3. For future generations – Imagine watching your parents get married at your age and hearing your grandparents toast to new love. That’s how your children will feel when they experience the day you said “I do” in motion.

A wedding film is a family heirloom capturing the true essence of the union of two families. When you think about it, is there a more priceless investment?

We are passionate about creating gorgeous, artistic wedding films that capture the atmosphere and emotion of one of the most important days in your family’s history.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started chatting about your big day.